Personalised Seizure Information Leaflet


This is really comforting to have when I'm out and about independently, like my medical ID. Having a card that explains what my seizures might look like and how to respond to them if I'm found having one out in public is just another safety net that hopefully someone will find and be able to respond appropriately. This is especially reassuring as my seizures aren't typical to what is taught when you are taught about Epilepsy on first aid courses (my brother went to medical school and wasn't taught about seizures that looked like mine! I'm weird.) This card has what my seizures look like, how long they last for, as well as at what point to ring an ambulance. It also contains emergency contact information to get hold of my family. This combined with my medical ID creates a safety net for me when I go out by myself that even if something does happen, I have given the people around me as much information possible to try and help me in that situation.


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